At Harvard Personnel, we understand that our reputation is built on nothing less than your success and complete satisfaction. We truly care about making a lasting impression - and that's what makes us different. Whether you are seeking a position or searching for ideal talent, our promise to you is to create an experience that you will be remember, again and again.
Nothing, absolutely nothing, takes the place of delivering a completely satisfying experience.
Talent does make a difference.
New, cutting edge approaches to global recruiting are beneficial.
Position descriptions define the skills needed to get the job done.
Innovative prospecting identifies prospective job candidates.
At Harvard Personnel, we are in business to create professional recruiting experiences that make lasting impressions. We realize that every expectation is different and that everyone evaluates satisfaction according to their own perceptions, values and priorities. That's why we take the time to understand your standards for success. And that's how we deliver complete satisfaction time and time again.
Like the company she founded in 1990, Laura Reiss is dedicated to excellence, quality and integrity. With an appreciation that matching talent and task is as much about people as it is about process, Laura is uniquely qualified to create employment relationships that are about connections. She connects people with positions - and careers with people - based on competencies and skills. Moving beyond the basics, she empowers her ability-based approach by considering the short-term impact and long-term value of a placement for both the candidate and the client. That's why the Harvard way of doing business becomes a tradition.
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